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Ecostroy OOO has been manufacturing equipment for the production of soil blocks for more than 16 years. Today, our equipment is available in many companies involved in the construction industry:

  • construction companies;
  • brick factories;
  • pits.

The sales geography includes not only Russia, but also the CIS countries (Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan), and even foreign countries (Japan, Jordan).

The popularity of our Company's equipment is due to the ability to produce cheap, but yet high quality and environmentally friendly building materials (soil blocks). However, not everyone knows about the advantages of soil blocks, they do not trust the low cost of the product, and thus continue to use the standard habitual materials in the construction, such as bricks. It means that they deliberately refuse to save money for fear of the unknown.

We want to inform people about the qualities of soil blocks, the possibilities of their use, their advantages over other materials. In recent years, Russia continues to follow European and U.S. trends, gradually shifting from the construction of urban high-rise buildings to low-rise suburban development. However, there is a clear shortage of cheap quality building material.

We have developed a technology that allows you to create a quality product from affordable raw material, so it has a low cost. In addition, using natural materials in the production, we keep environmental sustainability of blocks, in other words, they absolutely do not harm the human body and the environment. Also due to its composition and compaction technology we obtain a wear-resistant, fire and frost-resistant building material.

In addition, the use of batch compaction technology in the construction allows us to save money on consumables. The use of soil blocks for the construction of foundations and walls, as well as decorative elements significantly reduces the use of cement and expensive construction equipment (formwork).

One might think that our product has so many advantages, but then why do many people continue to use expensive bricks and other popular materials in the construction? The answer is simple – people are used to think that a really high-quality product must be expensive. Therefore, our main goal is to make the public aware of the qualities and possibilities of using our soil blocks.

We want to make the construction of inexpensive low-rise housing and outbuildings available to all, as well as reduce the cost of finished housing by using cheaper, but no less high-quality materials!

Founding documents

Articles of Association of ECOSTROY OOO

Company details ECOSTROY OOO

Name Meaning
1 Full and abbreviated name of the counterparty LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ECOSTROY ( ECOSTROY OOO)
2 Head of the company (position, full name) Director: RUSTAM NIGMATULLAEVICH MINGALEEV
3 Document under which the director acts ( Articles of Association, Power of Attorney) Articles of association
5 Legal address Russia, 462241, the Orenburg Region, Kuvandyk, Shkolnaya St., 5, office 108.
6 Postal address Russia, 462241, the Orenburg Region, Kuvandyk, Shkolnaya St., 5, office 108.
7 Valid telephone/fax numbers with long distance code (35361)
8 E-mail
9 TIN/RRC: 5605005010 / 560501001
10 OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) and date of registration 1045602401680 dated June 07, 2004
11 Full name of the bank ORENBURG BRANCH NO. 8623, PJSC SBERBANK, ORENBURG
12 Current account 40702810846000010202
13 Correspondent account 30101810600000000601
14 BIC 045354601
15 OKVED (Russian National Classifier of Types of Economic Activity) 77.40, 23.61, 23.62, 23.63, 23.64, 23.65, 28.41, 28.41.2, 28.49, 28.91, 28.92, 43.29, 43.31, 43.39, 49.41, 49.41.1, 49.41.2, 73.1, 77.11, 77.39.11, 82.99, 96.09
16 OKPO (General Classifier of Enterprises and Organisations) 73613223
17 ОКТМО (Russian National Classification of Municipal Territories) 53714000
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