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Our Company has found an effective way of modern use of clay in the construction.

We have developed a technology that allows creating high-quality building material from affordable raw material.

Through the use of unique compaction technology and the use of clay, we gain wear-resistant, fire and frost-resistant building material.


  • The use of batch compaction technology in the construction allows saving money on consumables.
  • Due to the use of natural materials in the production, we keep eco-friendly blocks, they absolutely do not harm the human body and the natural environment.
  • Clay evens out the humidity more and better than any other building material. When the humidity in the room rises above 50% clay begins to absorb moisture, and when it goes down, gives it back, so the mirror in the shower never fogs up, the humidity does not rise above 70%, it is absorbed into the walls, and we know that the optimal humidity is from 40 to 60%.
  • Clay does not cause allergies and at the same time it filters the air efficiently from harmful substances.
  • Clay houses do not retain static electricity charges on their surfaces.
  • The material is almost 100% recyclable, allowing the next generation to use it again without any problems. This material does not change, it is timeless. If there is nothing else to build with it, you can fill the garden with clay and the flowers will grow back in it, which is amazing because there is no other material with the same quality.
  • There is no waste while building with clay, and if there is extra clay left over, it is returned to nature without any harm to the environment.
  • Clay combines perfectly with wood. Clay protects the wood from rotting, so you do not have to use pesticides. In the example of ancient buildings and structures made of clay, you can see how well the wooden structures have survived.
  • If properly constructed with clay, the building will last for a long time.

The KCM10.00 complex is universal: it is suitable for individuals, self-employed entrepreneurs and construction companies.

Description of the complex KSM10.00

KSM10.00 is a complex for the manufacture of soil blocks by batch compaction from a variety of low-moisture bulk materials, mainly from soil-sand and soil-cement fine-grained mixtures. The main advantage is the use of the complex, both in production conditions and directly at the construction site.

The complex operates according to the batch compaction technique, which surpasses all other molding methods, eliminates the cost of creating an expensive foundation for the equipment, as it is mobile and light enough.

The complex is created on the basis of several separate parts that work together and form a single system for creating high quality products.

The supplied set of equipment includes:
  • Moulding machine КСМ10.01 for the production of building blocks by batch compaction method
  • The KCM10.02 belt conveyor on rolling supports is designed for transporting loose goods
  • The KCM10.03 mixer is designed for the preparation of low-moist bulk materials
  • The KCM10.04 mash sieve is designed for sifting the crushed mixture
  • The KCM 10.06 grinder is designed to crush large fractions of clay or soil into smaller fractions
The KSM10.00 set of equipment for the production of soil blocks, as well as its individual units are always available in stock. Equipment can be sold retail, as well as in wholesale quantities
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  • Free technical support
  • Available to purchase in installments or on lease
  • If necessary, we will perform customs clearance
  • We carry out delivery of the equipment "to the door".



Name Value
1 Mold movement speed, m / min 1,5
2 Blower swing frequency, swing / min 50
3 Supercharger vertical stroke, mm 40
4 Blower horizontal stroke, mm 160
5 Blower drive power, kW 4
6 Form displacement drive power, kW 2,2
7 The number of forming cells in the form, pcs 4
8 Overall dimensions of blocks, mm 390х190х90
9 Maximum productivity, blocks / hour 150
10 Mains voltage, V 380 (220, 200)
11 Current frequency, Hz 50, 60
12 Control push-button
13 Overall dimensions, mm 2250х1690х1610
14 Weight, kg 1765
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