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Clay is everywhere! Isn't it? Both in our country and in those climatic areas where clay is not of the highest quality, you can find buildings made of it.

It is unknown when the first buildings made of it appeared. In Turkmenistan and Iraq, archaeologists are finding the remains of ancient huts that are more than 10,000 years old.

Ecohouse is a new trend in low-rise construction. This trend has long since acquired a global character.

In Russia, simpler technologies of environmentally friendly construction are still used, because not everyone can afford expensive building materials and the operation of an eco-house.

It is generally accepted that houses made of soil blocks are a relic of the past. This opinion is wrong. Block buildings are becoming trendy again. This is the trend of 2021.

Ecology is very important for human health. Up to 75% of the time a person spends indoors. For this reason, it is important to take care of where we live. Substandard materials emit toxic substances into the atmosphere. They poison the air and gradually harm human health. For the correct selection of environmentally friendly materials, it is important to know about their main characteristics. Often sellers impose on customers products that do not meet the concept of sustainability. The article below examines the main characteristics of sustainable building materials.

Environmental issues are so firmly entered into the life of every person today that the choice of life in "eco" style is no longer a question of politicians, the green party or professional environmentalists. It seems that today one can substitute the prefix "eco" for everything: eco-vessels, eco-clothing, eco-cosmetics, eco-food, eco-house.

What to build a house from? Brick and timber are expensive. Aerated concrete is also not the cheapest option. But what happens if you make blocks of grass-roots material? Literally. Cut the bricks from the soil. This material has long been used in construction. It is called a soil block.

Today the majority of people when choosing their own housing, give preference to a private house building. Since own home is a peace of mind from "wonderful" neighbors, in an environmentally friendly area, self-grown organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, as well as a time share with family and friends! And it would not be bad to build this house "useful" for health, i.e. environmentally friendly.

In the modern world, the trend towards environmental friendliness is gaining more and more serious momentum. This is due to the peculiar fatigue of people from city life, gas pollution and exposure to chemicals. Eco-friendly homes have long been a global trend due to their many benefits.

Earth is the most common material on Earth. And strictly speaking, all construction material is derived from the earth. In fact, sand, crushed stone, cement, burned and silicate bricks, ceramic tiles and much, much more are nothing more than earth, cultivated to varying degrees by man.

Many people ask themselves the question - “how to build a house for your family inexpensively?”. This is not surprising - not everyone has the opportunity to buy a ready-made house or apartment (especially considering the recent spike in prices on the real estate market). In addition, self-construction is often more convenient than buying a ready-made option - you can choose a convenient layout and location and make a house “for yourself”, and not adapt to someone's decision.

Houses made of earth, like any other buildings, must have a good roof, strong walls and a reliable foundation. (What else does the house need to avoid getting old before its time?). When constructing the earth buildings, the choice of design elements of the house should take into account the peculiarity of the material.

Clay blocks are increasingly being used for sustainable construction. Some believe that this material has outlived its usefulness, this opinion is a delusion. The construction of adobe houses requires minimal financial investment. This option is great for people on a modest budget.

The economic advantages of the earth construction are so obvious that it would seem that they should not be focused on. However, for the sake of completeness, we will bring them together and clarify what they consist of:

Eco-friendly homes are the home of the future, and it's not just a fashion trend. Energy prices are constantly rising in the world, and this raises the cost of operating costs of housing. In addition, an environmentally friendly home has a positive effect on human health.

Earth products are local materials and due to the wide variety of soils, most of which are suitable for earth construction and are not regulated by the state standards. Small-piece products: soil: stones, blocks, slabs and bricks in the vast majority, are made from earth. These products are intended mainly for masonry walls of the buildings. For brevity, in the following presentation, such products will be called soil blocks.

Some time ago, dwelling houses made of clay were very widespread and did not surprise anyone. Today, the fashion for adobe construction is returning, and eco-houses are becoming more and more popular. Soil blocks can be used for a wide range of construction tasks.

To achieve the maximum strength of molded soil blocks, a certain holding time (drying) is required. At the same time, the correct implementation of drying minimizes the possibility of defects at the final stage of production of the soil blocks.

The fashion for environmentally friendly housing is increasing - more and more people want to have their own home and, if possible, surround themselves with natural materials. This is largely due to the desire to be closer to nature and reduce the harmful effects of chemicals on your health.

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