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Eco-friendly homes are the home of the future, and it's not just a fashion trend. Energy prices are constantly rising in the world, and this raises the cost of operating costs of housing. In addition, an environmentally friendly home has a positive effect on human health.

What is an eco-house?

This is a house built exclusively from environmentally friendly materials, while using nature-saving and energy-saving technologies.

Eco-houses have maximum autonomy and save energy resources. This is due to the fact that during construction, heat-intensive building materials are used, to provide water - wells, energy is obtained from the sun. Thus, the eco-house is completely independent from external sources, although up to 10% of external power supply is acceptable.

Features of the eco house

For window openings in eco-houses, the most modern designs are used, which have three-chamber double-glazed windows.

Regarding lighting, the eco-house does not use conventional incandescent or fluorescent lamps, since they contain mercury. The best option for are LED lamps, which have high efficiency and do not emit a lot of heat. After the end of their service life, they can be completely disposed of, as they are harmless.

In an eco-house, window openings are often made on the south side, and are also installed on roofs, panoramic windows are also an excellent option.

Ventilation in the eco-house is represented by recuperators that save electricity. With their help, in the cold season, the air entering the room is heated, and in the hot season it is cooled. Thus, an ideal microclimate is created inside.

Quite often, the “Smart Home” system is installed in an eco-house. It controls humidity, ventilation, heating devices, etc. When there are no tenants in the house, it switches the work to the economy mode, which saves energy resources.

Materials for the construction of an eco-house

For the construction of walls in an eco-house, the following can be used: wood, arbolite, brick or stone.

For the ecological decoration of the house, the following are used:

  • wood treated with natural protection products;
  • ceramic tiles from natural raw materials;
  • cork wood with excellent heat and sound insulation.

Mosses (cuckoo flax, sphagnum, red moss), hemp tow, flax, jute, ecological wool or peat blocks are suitable as insulation.

Soil blocks are the best option for an eco-house

Soil blocks are especially popular in the construction of an eco-house - a well-known but forgotten technology is coming back into fashion. Soil blocks are made of clay - a natural, environmentally friendly material available to everyone, which has many positive properties:

  • ecological cleanliness;
  • fire resistance;
  • quickly gives up and absorbs moisture, maintains moisture that is comfortable for humans;
  • availability and low cost.

So, an eco-house is a fortress, which is not afraid of even a siege debt. Full autonomy allows the house to function even in the event of a total energy crisis. This is taking care of the world around you and your own health. This is the use of the latest technology and environmentally friendly materials. The new millennium chooses environmental friendliness!

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