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Ecohouse is a new trend in low-rise construction. This trend has long since acquired a global character.

In Russia, simpler technologies of environmentally friendly construction are still used, because not everyone can afford expensive building materials and the operation of an eco-house.

Most often, these concerns are associated with the complexity of the infrastructure - it is believed that an eco-house requires more complex and expensive engineering solutions, especially heating. We are in a hurry to dispel these myths - there is an option to build a house from environmentally friendly material with high energy efficiency. This option is soil blocks.

What is a soil block

A soil block is a building material used for the construction of low-rise buildings. It is made from clay and other impurities. These are generally available materials that can be easily found in any region - in this regard, the cost-effectiveness of soil block construction is also associated.

The main component of soil blocks is clay. This natural material has been actively used in construction since ancient times. Her main qualities:

  • plastic,
  • environmental friendliness,
  • good sound insulation,
  • excellent thermal conductivity.

Energy efficiency of the soil block

Clay retains heat well, so houses made of soil blocks are distinguished by good indicators of energy efficiency. A ground block house in winter will require much less resources for heating than houses made of other materials - the house turns out to be energy efficient. In summer, such a house remains cool for much longer.

An additional plus is fire safety. Buildings made of earth do not burn, and besides, they only get stronger from the effects of fire.

Comparison of thermal conductivity of popular building materials

Material Coefficient of thermal conductivity
1 Soil block 0,5-0,7
2 Wood 0,2
3 Brick 0,5
4 Cellular concrete 0,3

Ventilation and air conditioning

The use of soil blocks allows you to save not only on heating, but also on ventilation and air conditioning at home. Clay quickly absorbs and gives up moisture, therefore, in adobe houses, humidity, favorable for humans, always reigns.

An important property of clay is that it is able to trap carbon dioxide, thereby purifying the air and making it more beneficial for humans.

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