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Some time ago, dwelling houses made of clay were very widespread and did not surprise anyone. Today, the fashion for adobe construction is returning, and eco-houses are becoming more and more popular. Soil blocks can be used for a wide range of construction tasks.

Architectural solutions

The soil block is no different in shape from standard building blocks - expanded clay blocks, gas blocks, bricks - and therefore does not limit the choice of architecture in any way. You can use a soil block for the construction of any structures:

  • outbuildings - garage, warehouse, etc.;
  • single-storey residential buildings;
  • 2-3 storey residential buildings - the soil block is distinguished by high strength indicators, and then it is suitable for houses of this type.

Construction technology

For construction, you need to buy ready-made blocks or make them yourself - the most convenient way is to do this using a special KSM10 installation. In this case, for the independent production of soil blocks, only raw materials are required - clay, sand, etc. Building a house turns out to be profitable.

Further, the construction technology is practically no different from the standard block construction:

  1. Foundation construction - soil blocks are strong and light enough, do not create a serious load on the foundation, therefore you can use simpler options.
  2. Wall masonry
  3. Roofing
  4. Interior decoration
  5. External finishing

Due to the specific effect on the soil block of water, special attention must be paid to the interior and exterior decoration of the house..

External finishing

Some experts advise, after the construction of the walls, to perform the crate, then cover the walls with a thick layer of plaster. After the plaster is completely dry, it is recommended to whitewash the walls with lime.

Interior decoration

The walls from the inside of the house can also be covered with lime or paint. Most likely, the wallpaper will not hold due to the peculiarities of the soil blocks. To work around these restrictions, you can sheathe the walls with plasterboard..


It is advisable to additionally strengthen the walls from the soil block if it is planned to hang heavy objects on the walls.

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