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It is generally accepted that houses made of soil blocks are a relic of the past. This opinion is wrong. Block buildings are becoming trendy again. This is the trend of 2021.

What are the advantages of residential buildings made of adobe blocks?

Soil block buildings have a lot of advantages, which they owe their popularity to. Clay blocks are made on the basis of straw and clay. Water is added to them and blocks of the required shape are formed from this substance. They do not have to be bought ready-made, you can make the building material with your own hands, thereby further reducing the cost of construction. Lime is often added to the composition in order to protect the blocks from rodents. By changing the ratio of clay and straw, soil blocks of different densities can be obtained.

The advantages of buildings erected from adobe blocks include:

  • Favorable microclimate.
  • Minimum heating costs.
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • Good sound insulation performance.

The blocks created on the basis of clay and straw are environmentally friendly, they do not synthesize toxic substances into the environment. Due to its high hygroscopicity, the soil block helps to maintain a comfortable indoor climate. As soon as the level of moisture in the building begins to increase, the surface of the soil block immediately absorbs excess moisture. In hot weather, the collected liquid reserves are synthesized into the air.

In ground-block buildings, air conditioners and humidifiers can be dispensed with. Compared to brick and concrete, this material is much more affordable in cost, since all raw materials are of natural origin.

There are no difficulties in the manufacture of blocks, they do not require firing. The impressive mass endows the soil block walls with good thermal inertia. Such surfaces are characterized by excellent soundproofing properties; they do not need additional finishing.

Block houses are flame resistant and contain a minimum amount of organic matter. There are blocks created using a special technology that are not subject to ignition at all.

The presence of aluminum in clay makes it possible to perfectly shield electromagnetic waves.

Installation of adobe blocks is carried out using the same technology as concrete. You can cope with this task yourself, saving on the services of professional builders.

Before erecting a house from soil blocks, you need to decide on its shape and size, draw up a project, prepare a foundation and material for the walls. There is no doubt about the durability of such structures.

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