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Ecology is very important for human health. Up to 75% of the time a person spends indoors. For this reason, it is important to take care of where we live. Substandard materials emit toxic substances into the atmosphere. They poison the air and gradually harm human health. For the correct selection of environmentally friendly materials, it is important to know about their main characteristics. Often sellers impose on customers products that do not meet the concept of sustainability. The article below examines the main characteristics of sustainable building materials.

House made of wood

When building a house made of wood, the following technologies are used:

  • From a profiled bar. Modern eco-friendly material. It can be made from different types of wood. In section, it has the shape of a rectangle.
  • From rounded logs. This is a milled log that undergoes a special treatment, the material is covered with a water-based antiseptic.
  • Made of laminated veneer lumber. This material is made from cut pieces: wood lamellas.
  • Wireframe technology. The components are first manufactured in the factory and then assembled at the construction site into a single unit.

Wood house construction technologies are actively used in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. Such houses significantly reduce the greenhouse effect and improve the ecological atmosphere in the house.


This material has a porous structure and the same environmental characteristics as glass. It consists of natural raw materials that are funny with industrial waste (clay, basalt, cullet, etc.). This material has excellent indicators of frost resistance and moisture resistance, well withstands adverse weather conditions.

Clay brick

This is an expensive material. There are several varieties of it. The most popular type is clay fired brick. Fungus does not start in its walls, it does not allow moisture to pass through. It is fireproof and heat-retaining material.

Pink tuff

Tuff is reliable and durable. It is hardy. However, it can only be used for the construction of one-story houses. It is made from rectangular blocks that are processed using a saw and an ax.

Soil blocks

Soil blocks are made from inexpensive and affordable materials: the base is clay, which is diluted with various additives, depending on needs, it can be needles, peat, ash, cement. Soil blocks are distinguished by good indicators of fire resistance, as well as low thermal conductivity - they perfectly retain heat in winter, and cool in summer, and therefore allow you to reduce the cost of heating and cooling the room.

Another important advantage of soil blocks is their ability to purify the air and maintain a healthy atmosphere in the house. Clay is a natural absorbent, and therefore clay soil blocks can absorb harmful substances and retain them in themselves, thereby purifying the air and making it more favorable for residents (especially important for those suffering from asthma or allergies).

Also, soil blocks are able to maintain an optimal humidity level in the room.

Soil blocks are one of the most optimal building materials in terms of quality and environmental friendliness.

Other eco-friendly materials

Next, we consider eco-materials for roofing, insulation and decoration of an eco-house:

For roofing

Traditional environmentally friendly materials for roofing are: metal tiles, ceramic tiles, copper sheets. The listed materials are durable in use, environmentally friendly and safe for health.

For insulation

With proper use of these materials, they will last a long time. Such materials include: wood chipboards, cellulose ecowool, foam glass, basalt wool.

For interior decoration

As insulation with eco-materials for interior decoration, the following are suitable: natural glue, eco-friendly paint, ceramic tiles, natural floor coverings.

There is a huge variety of environmentally friendly materials on the market. The choice of a particular one depends on individual preference.

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