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Many people ask themselves the question - “how to build a house for your family inexpensively?”. This is not surprising - not everyone has the opportunity to buy a ready-made house or apartment (especially considering the recent spike in prices on the real estate market). In addition, self-construction is often more convenient than buying a ready-made option - you can choose a convenient layout and location and make a house “for yourself”, and not adapt to someone's decision.

The idea of “building a house by yourself” looks especially attractive given the fact that there are high quality and very inexpensive building materials on the market. Perhaps the most striking example of such building materials is a soil block.

What is a soil block?

A soil block is a building block made of clay and various additives. The type and amount of additional materials are selected individually, depending on your needs.

The main material of the soil block - clay - is a durable, warm and environmentally friendly material, the construction of which was practiced in ancient times. Gradually, this well-known technology began to be replaced by more fashionable modern options, but recently soil blocks are gaining ground again. This is due to their advantages:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • reliability;
  • reducing exposure to allergens;
  • maintaining optimal humidity levels.

One of the key advantages of a soil block is its affordable cost..

Savings when building a house from a soil block can reach more than 50%.

Let's take a closer look at what such cheapness is connected with..


The main material of soil blocks - clay - is almost everywhere at hand (more precisely, under the foot). It is accessible and inexpensive, and therefore the costs of extracting and transporting the main building material are reduced.

Own production

The method of manufacturing soil blocks is very simple, and therefore even an independent builder can do it - there is no need to pay for the sellers' margin. For the manufacture of high-quality building materials that are not inferior in properties to factory counterparts, you need only one type of equipment - the KSM10.00 machine. You can learn more about this building complex here.

Energy efficiency

Buildings from soil blocks are much warmer than from other materials. Clay is distinguished by good thermal conductivity, and therefore, much less costs will be required to heat a ground block house than under similar conditions in other buildings.

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