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Today the majority of people when choosing their own housing, give preference to a private house building. Since own home is a peace of mind from "wonderful" neighbors, in an environmentally friendly area, self-grown organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, as well as a time share with family and friends! And it would not be bad to build this house "useful" for health, i.e. environmentally friendly.

But how to build a house with low costs and without giving up quality, which would bring health benefits?

Many people today began to pay respect to the material that is abundant everywhere - this is CLAY.

Our Company has found an effective way to turn the dream of your home into reality! But let us keep some order.

Let's briefly explain why:

  • It is very important that clay is an extremely simple material, it is affordable and cheap. Clay is everywhere and that's what builders have been using it for centuries, and clay houses built have been standing for decades. There are many examples of buildings that have stood for more than a thousand years and are declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Our ancestors knew what to build housing from and not only because of the availability of the material. Clay is a universal material.
  • In such a house, the question of dryness or high humidity will never arise, since clay maintains humidity in the range of 40-60%. The house built using clay adobe technology keeps its warm in winter and makes it more comfortable, and in summer it is cooler, which makes it possible to save on buying an air conditioner. If you build a house of clay correctly, then it will last more than one decade and more than one generation will grow up in it!

And now a little bit about the process of construction of a clay adobe. In order to prepare a mixture to construct walls, you need: clay, straw, water. In advance, you need to soak the clay to get a fairly plastic clay solution. Add straw to the clay and start mixing it. The prepared mixture should resemble soft plasticine. Next, the mixture should be placed in the formwork and carefully driven layer by layer until the entire form is filled. The main thing is to tamp everything thoroughly. When all the walls of the house are built, you need to give them time to dry, in order to perform other works. Normally, it takes 2 to 4 weeks. After the walls are completely filled, it is necessary that the walls finally dry out. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks. It is quite a time-consuming process and not everyone will agree to this. But the dream of own house should not remain a dream and we are happy to make your dream a reality using advanced highly technological equipment!

For many years our Company has been manufacturing construction materials (soil blocks) from clay and sand, construction of environmentally friendly buildings and residential buildings.

We have developed a technique that makes possible to create a high-quality building material from affordable raw materials, so it has a fairly low cost and most of all - environmental friendliness in its all forms of expression.

Due to the use of a unique compaction technology and use of clay, we get a wear-resistant, fire and frost-resistant building material. And most importantly – health! The clay is a natural absorbent. Using maximum amount of clay during construction can make life easier for people suffering from many chronic diseases, primarily respiratory diseases, as well as allergies. Remember how clay is used in cosmetology and, finally, it is used internally for medicinal purposes.

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