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In the modern world, the trend towards environmental friendliness is gaining more and more serious momentum. This is due to the peculiar fatigue of people from city life, gas pollution and exposure to chemicals. Eco-friendly homes have long been a global trend due to their many benefits.

In the building materials market, environmentally friendly products are always of particular interest. This is due to its positive qualities: it is able to create a comfortable healthy microclimate, to have a beneficial effect on the human body. These materials include building blocks based on peat, ash, pine needles, sawdust, shell rock, cobblestone, quarrystone, timber from different types of wood, clay blocks. As an example, consider an eco-house made of soil blocks, their advantages and disadvantages.

Eco-friendly house made of soil blocks

Of all the above types of environmentally friendly building materials, soil blocks occupy a special place. They are made from a clay-based solution with various additives (their type and quantity is selected individually for the task, respectively, variability and versatility is one of the advantages of the soil block).

Pros of green building

Keeping warm and cool

Clay has good thermal conductivity and energy efficiency. It reduces the effect of outdoor temperature on the atmosphere in the house: it keeps it cool in summer and keeps it warm in winter.

Air purification

Clay is a natural sorbent - it is able to attract toxins to itself and neutralize them, thereby purifying the air and making it more favorable for human health. This quality is especially important for those suffering from allergies and asthma.

Optimum humidity

In a clay house, there is always a favorable humidity for life due to the unique properties of clay.


Clay is widespread throughout Russia - it is accessible and easy to mine, therefore, the costs of its transportation and preparation are significantly reduced. A house made from clay is much cheaper than from other synthetic materials.

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